My Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Was Filed In New Orleans. Where Do I Make My Plan Payments?

When you file a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy you are required to make monthly payments to the Chapter 13 Trustee.

The New Orleans Bankruptcy Court is located in the Eastern District of Louisiana.

The Chapter 13 Trustee for the New Orleans Bankruptcy Court is S. J. Beaulieu, Jr.

To make sure that your monthly Plan payments are credited properly you need to do the following:

  • Make your payments by Money Order or some type of certified funds such as a Cashier’s Check;
  • Write your Chapter 13 Bankruptcy case number on the Money Order or Cashier’s Check;
  • Mail the payment to:   S. J. Beaulieu, Jr., Chapter 13 Trustee, P.O. Box 113, Memphis, TN 38101;
  • Mail your payments at least 7 days before the payments are due.

Your first Plan payment is due 30 days after the bankruptcy is filed, and on the same day of each month thereafter for the duration of your Plan.

About Kevin Gipson, Attorney at Law

I am an attorney licensed in all State and Federal Courts in Louisiana. I practice in the Greater New Orleans Area and work with Consumers to help them with their debt problems. My primary areas of practice are Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy and Student Loan Law.
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